I had been injured at work when I was 18-19 years old. I’m 41 now and I still suffered from the effects of that injury. Two fractured vertebrae was enough to create a lifetime of issues. I had been through multiple rounds of PT, epidural injections, dry needling, massage, prescribed meds, herbal supplements, TENS unit and so on. I pretty much thought this was a just something that was going to be a lifetime issue...until I connected with Deb at Bike & Body. I told her to “try her best” since nothing prior had worked. In a matter of a few months, Deb had all but resolved my back pain. Together we figured out triggers and solutions. If you think you have tried “everything” and haven’t tried Deb, you definitely have not tried everything!
— Jodi V., Milwaukee, WI
I was experiencing much pain and slow down in my lifestyle because of foot pain and Deb taught me exercises that stopped the pain. What impressed me even more than her knowledge and experience was the manner in which Deb mixes professionalism with friendliness and caring.
— Sharon R., Milwaukee, WI
Deb does an incredible job of listening to my concerns and then helping me to understand the process. It is obvious by her patience and encouragement that she lives these values and is genuine.
— Liz C., Milwaukee, WI
Deb Slota’s knowledge, patience and expertise pushed me and encouraged me to make the most out of my physical therapy experience. She is outstanding and I would refer anyone to her.
— Aaron L., Milwaukee, WI