Bike fitting and physical therapy services

We help active-minded people and cyclists stay fit, healthy and mobile without PAIN meds, injections or surgery

Download Your Copy For Free - Click Here

Download Your Copy For Free - Click Here

Click to Download the Free eBook I wrote and take the first step to working towards a healthy back. Learn how to live a life without constant and nagging pain. These steps will help you have a better understanding of what your back is actually telling you.


Your body deserves it

Whether your're battling a chronic injury, frustrated from a previously unsuccessful Physical Therapy experience, or battling a new injury but need to keep on track for an upcoming event, Bike & Body is ready to help!  Your body deserves the undivided attention of an expert, so don't wait any longer to get back to realizing your full potential.  Please choose one of the above options to Contact Us regarding PHYSICAL THERAPY services...we're looking forward to working with you!  



"The Body is Adaptable and the Bike is Adjustable", therefore it is not normal to have pain or discomfort while cycling. 

You should never have to fight your bike.  Bike & Body will help you find the right balance between PERFORMANCE and LONGEVITY as a cyclist.  This may involve changes to your bike set up and/or riding technique as well as suggestions to more adequately prepare your body for the demands of the bike. 

The adjustments to your Bike Fit will allow you to achieve your desired riding style with a lower risk of injury.  A Physical Therapist is an expert in determining the limits of the body's adaptability and can offer a tailored treatment program to address your body's needs in order to optimize your riding experience.

Please choose "Talk To Us On The Phone First" or "Ask About Cost And Availability" from the buttons above to inquire about BIKE FITTING services.  We are looking forward to helping you optimize your ride!